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Aspect Design's Mascot

Our rocking horse, Philly, was originally made by John Cuthbertson way back when and through the years has become Aspect Design's mascot ~ an iconic sight in front of our gallery in Salamanca Place, Hobart ~ bringing happiness and delight to generations of children, young and old.

Over the years, John made many, many, many beautiful rocking horses. But all good things must come to an end, and in 2010, he sadly retired. Not long after this, our poor Philly fell into a state of neglect and (what we think) a bit of depression from missing John so much.

Then along came our very clever and most creative artist, Esther Shohet, who took it upon herself to bring some cheer back into Philly's life and the photo below is the result.

Now Philly is back into full swing ~ rocking all the kiddie's (and the occasional adult) into that special happy place.

So, many thanks, Esther! And thank you, John. You are sorely missed.