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Rynne Tanton Crackle Bowl in Blue - Aspect Design Tasmanian Gifts Gallery Hobart Tasmania
Crickhollow Pottery ~ Crackle Bowl in Blue - Aspect Design Tasmanian Gifts Gallery

Ceramic Crackle Bowl in Blue

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Crickhollow Pottery by Rynne Tanton

Crackle Bowl in Blue

"The original idea for making these bowls came from observing how moist clay, as it dries, shrinks and cracks. My adaptation from this uses a ball of soft clay, a gas torch and a 10-pound hammer. The ball of clay is dried and the gas torch flame, squashed between two boards with the aid of the hammer and then the textured biscuit of clay is dropped over a plaster hump mould to make the bowl shape. After the first firing, the bowl is given a wash of red iron oxide and glazed on the inside. The felspathic glaze has a high shrinkage and the crazing, which results during cooling, is stained with a pigment. Each bowl, by the very nature of the technique, is a unique piece. I hope you enjoy my product." ~ Rynne Tanton

Comes packaged (with the above information) in a sturdy box for safe travel and gift-giving.

Dimensions: 85mm (Diameter)

Weight: 120g

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